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You've Got Shipping
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About Skyway Eagle Logistics

Skyway's state of the art freight and logistics services to growing businesses and established industries are provided by Skyway Eagle Logistics. Our specialists have streamlined the delivery process while offering our clients state-of-the-art shipping solutions that take distribution and logistics to the ultimate level.

Our Clients:
National and International Carriers
Ecommerce Retailers
Pharmaceutical Companies
Third Party Logistics

You've Got Shipping and Logistical Needs – We've Got Options!
Our delivery services consist of Less Than Load (LTL) & Full Truck Load (FTL) delivery and shipments.

What is LTL & FTL shipping?
Our LTL Clients enjoy the economic benefits of compartmentalized shipping by sharing space on one of our trucks. This option is ideal for small shipments that need the security and tracking that larger shipments usually offer but without the space requirement.
FTL clients reap the benefits that a full truck load offers such as expedited shipping times, freight that requires special handling, and minimal load transfers for extra fragile shipments. These shipments are typically highly customized to each customer's business needs.

A Vast Array of Shipping, Logistics & Warehousing Excellence to Support Your Successful Business

Delivery Service Partner – Let us bridge the connection between your business and your customers. We will dedicate a fleet of vehicles with our courteous and professional team only to serve your business. Our drivers with safe driving records will deliver right up to your client's doorsteps.

Independent Pick Up & Delivery Service Provider – We are better able to adapt to the dynamics of contemporary market conditions and dedicate a fleet of vehicles and professional team to overlap both home and commercial, route based pick up and deliveries to uphold the higher standards of your business.

Pharmaceutical/ Medical Shipping & Logistics – We understand the unique requirements of price competitive, multi temperature storing, super timely and on the go advanced tracing and tracking technologies of a worldwide pharmaceutical and medical service provider. We provide superior delivery & logistics services to the global life sciences & Health Care Industry.

E-Commerce Shipping– We understand that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all ecommerce shipping strategy. Our carefully designed extra ordinary same day delivery statistics to modern traceable technology to reverse delivery support of returns management and processing makes us the go to people for shipping and delivery in the industry.

Temperature Controlled Warehousing & Inventory Management Services – Need a place to store and supply your merchandise or hold your shipments before they reach their final destination? Utilize our full service warehouse facilities and supply chain management to meet your end to end distribution and temporary warehousing needs

State of The Art Delivery Fleet Equipped to Handle Your Needs
We understand the importance of a reliable freight carrier fleet. For this reason, our superior fleet consists of 3 & 5 ton trucks, sprinter vans, cube vans, transport vans, and mini vans. We have a strong safety and labour compliance record.

Logistics Without Boundaries!
We fully serve the greater Toronto Area and offer cross dock connection along Eastern & Western Canada and USA with our well established network and will load, unload, and hold freight during the transition.